839 West is Knowledgefire’s home:
a space for people to learn in the spirit of cooperation and sharing.

It is a place for the use of shared resources and skills, for creativity and compassion. It is located in the most diverse neighborhood in the City of Buffalo and is home to thousands of refugees. Nearly half of its residents live below the poverty line. It needs a lot of work and a lot of money to renovate. So much has been done, but we have so far to go. Contact us if you would like to help us build.


Space & Use

The below represents some of our dreams for what this place could be. Learning spaces are a reflection of neighborhood interest and our model accounts for tough times by making certain spaces easy to convert into market rate apartments.


1.     The Great Room – A multi-purpose space for gathering including: a small café, stage and projection screen, chairs and tables, lite retail, art, fitness and play resources. It is the hub of 839 West.

2.     The Café Patio – An outdoor patio for eating, meeting and enjoying the views.

3.     The Shop – Small but complete woodshop and a lite mechanical/metal/stuff workshop for bicycles, appliances, home, art, craft, whatever needs work. 

4.     The Tool Library – A collection of borrowable tools to help home owners and tenants lower costs, reduce their carbon foot print, maintain their homes and build.

5.      The Studio – A small recording studio: a soundproof booth and performance space.

6.     The Garden – An indoor vertical garden for all season use.

7.     The Kitchen – A “Learning Kitchen” designed for groups.

8.     The Laundry – A Single Commercial Washer/Drier.

9.     The Costume Lab – A shop/studio with resources for making clothing.

10.  The Tech Lab – A space for computers, electronics and printing.

11.  The Quiet Room – A space for meditation, yoga and reading.

12.  The Balcony – A roof-top patio for fair-weather gathering, gardening and enjoying the view.

13.  The Language Lab – A multicultural literacy center with books, computers and workshop space.

14.  The Directors Apartment – A one-bedroom apartment for whoever happens to be directing the facility.

15.  The Root Cellar – A space for vertical farming of foods that thrive indoors/underground.