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Teach [] Learn

If knowledge is power, then teaching is where power is born.


Knowledgefire is a culture of learning with the intention of teaching. It's efficient, effective and deeply social; but that's not the beautiful part.

Here, members of all ages own their work. They own it by their choice to pursue it and then master their work by teaching it. In this model, the skill or subject is the target, but the process is the goal. Success and failure are equal teachers amplified by the mindset of sharing what is gained. Learning well, learning consciously, learning to teach, reimagines learning from an imperative, or an individual act, into an act of community. Still, that's just the functional part. 

The beautiful part is what happens between people. Teaching is every generations' gift and is powerful enough to unite us above differences. This unique model gives diverse communities a powerful way to know each other and to learn the things they need to know. Knowledgefire exists to draw together our global neighbors in the universally human act of figuring stuff out. Because:

If you teach someone, you must, in part, also understand them. And that's the beautiful part.

Let's gather by the fire.




(716) 597-7828



839 West Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14213



Hands On Workshop:

Saturday 10a–4p
Outdoors, closed for rain. June 2nd - Oct

Deep Dive Projects:

Friday Evenings
Indoors, across the street. Start Date TBD



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