Everyone has something to offer

If you'd like to give us your time, we'd like to make the most of it.

Tell us how you might want to help! (see below)

Dates and times 2018


Friday - Details on the way.

Saturday 10a-4 - Outdoor Open Shop for hands-on skill building and independent Deep Dive work. 

More about Deep Dive Projects and the Open Shop Soon.

A doodle poll to share your availability is linked into the conformation e-mail sent when you sign-up below. If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail call us @ 716-597-7828. 



Teach - Mentor - Guide

Be a Teacher and Learning Guide. Mentor young people to accomplish their learning goals with three simple steps. 

Trade - Skill - Professional 

We need help from architects, engineers, carpenters, entrepreneurs, technicians, laborers, tradesmen (and women!) and hobbyists of all types!


We need consistent volunteers to stand the desk, pour drinks, welcome newcomers, help with inventory and data gathering. Don't worry, we'll train you! Or just tell us how YOU want to participate.

Bicycle Mechanic / Teacher

Bicycles are SO popular that we need this as a whole separate category. If you're an amateur, pro or hobby bike mechanic and you're happy to share knowledge please sign-up here.