Wish List


With luck, these things are sitting in someone’s house or garage just dreaming of the day they’ll find a home with Knowledgefire. They just need someone to drive them. Many of these items will be used for our programs AND entered into our Tool/Stuff Library. Thanks for looking!

·         Deep Dive Supplies

o   A projector for presentations

o   A shredder

o   Printer paper and Ink for BrotherMFC-J430W Inkjet and/or HP P2055d Laser

o  Any vegetarian food stuffs

o  Area Rugs

o  Reference Books

o  Pillows for sitting

o  Durable Kitchen tools (Kitchenaid / blender)

o   Flash Drives

o   Art/craft/hobby supplies

o  Headphones

o  Instruments!

o  Science Equipment

o  Legos and other toys that encourage focus over time.

·         Shop Supplies

o   Heavy duty metal or plastic shelving/cabinets

o   Any pop-up canopy tents.


o   Bike stands and any bike tools

o   Working/strong bike locks.

o   New bike supplies (tubes, tires, lights, other) We have a great source for used parts through GOBike Buffalo, but new stuff is hard to come by at our shop.

o   A large/working shop vac

o   A bench mount vice

o   A welder (a small mig welder would be great!)

o   A snow blower

o   A large metal sweeper (basically a big magnet on wheels)

o   Whole lumber in good condition (over 6’ lengths)

o   Old Wooden Ladders (Used to make Lumber storage)

·         Camping Supplies

o   Any pop-up canopy tents.

o   Camping tents

o   Mats

o   Sleeping bags

o   Headlamps

o   Camping Gadgets

o   Camping/Nature books

o   Camping Packs

o   Fishing Gear

·         Play

o   Complete lawn games/party games

o   Complete board games

o   Sports Equipment

·         Kitchen

o   Any quality kitchen tools that would make sense in a Library. No one is going to borrow a fork or a mug, but they would borrow a kitchenaid, vitamix or a large cast iron dutch oven on the rare occasions that they need one. Look through your kitchen for the kind of tools that you’ve only used once or twice since you bought them… that’s exactly the kind of tool that should be shared.

·         Misc.

o   Empty and clean milk jugs (parts storage)

o   Paper towel tubes (storage for bike spokes)

o   Old I-pods/mp3 players

o   Britta or other drinking water filters


If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact us @ 716-597-7828 or write dave@knowledgefire.org